Shut Up and Talk

After the sudden death of her parents, collapse of a destructive relationship and estrangement from her family, Leda Barone, a conservative lawyer from Canada, leaves for Italy, her ancestral homeland. On a busy highway near Rome, Leda’s dilapidated Fiat Uno breaks down irreparably. She is stranded until a stranger arrives and changes her life.
Ian O’Neill is a cad – the Devil from Dublin. He is a mix of extremes – intelligent, belligerent, charming and nearly famous. One of the most popular racecar drivers in the International Racing Federation, Ian’s charisma and good looks allow for all the perks of celebrity life, as well as the occasional temper tantrum.
An amazing friendship culminates between these two, but can they just stay friends? Determined not to fall in love with the roving playboy, how long can she fight her feelings? Warning: Ian has a potty mouth. That’s the way he rolls.

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