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Anna Albo

Author, Editor, Hockey Fan

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She is too young to be retired, unless you’re Reese Beresford, a former pairs skating gold medalist who seemingly has it all. Anyone looking at her life would think it’s perfect. She has a handsome boyfriend, a successful start-up athletic wear business, and the love of thousands of fans. But that gets turned upside down when a rival from her past accuses her of bullying. Overnight, Reese has been canceled.

With her life in shambles, she needs to save her image, her fledgling athletic wear business, and her sanity. That starts with dumping her toxic boyfriend, then finding a way out of her current predicament. Unbeknownst to her, a new neighbor has moved in, and it’s none other than the newest member of the Renegades hockey team, super-hot Grady Radcliffe, and they happen to share an agent.

Their agent decides what better way to rehabilitate her image than a “love match” with the squeaky-clean hockey hunk. Grady is keen and Reese is intrigued, but she agrees on one condition: it has to stay a fake relationship.

Or will it?

As Reese works to prove the truth about her nemesis, she can’t help but have feelings for the sexy hockey player. And when Grady puts pressure on her to make their fake relationship real, can relationship-shy Reese keep it all on ice? Or will she lose the man of her dreams

About Anna

Anna Albo is a prairie girl who loves the city.  From new adult to chick lit and everything in between, Anna writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction that makes people laugh and love.

When Anna isn’t writing her latest book, she’s enjoying a cup of tea while attempting to create a culinary masterpiece.

She also loves to edit. She recently completed a Publishing certificate from Toronto Metropolitan University and has over fifteen years of editorial experience.

She lives with her partner Mike and their dog Rocco

 Editorial Services

One of the most important rules of writing is to have someone else look over your work. It’s simply too easy to miss that typo, missing word, extra word, wrong word . . . well, you get the idea.How can I help?As a writer myself, I bring years of experience to help make your work shine.In case you’re wondering about my qualifications – and you should – I have been a professional copy editor and proofreader since 2009. I’ve edited government documents, blogs, manuscripts, and newspaper articles. I currently freelance with a small publisher but have more than enough time to take on indie books.

In terms of education, I have a Publishing certificate from Toronto Metropolitan University.

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